Small Portable BBQ

Ideal for:
Barbecuing or spit- roasting all types of meat, i.e.: beef, lamb, chicken or pork, etc.
Cook on 10  skewers or  barbecue on the grate, using grills
Designed with an innovative dual worm gear system, and a powerful worm drive motor and high quality firebricks in the base.
The BBQ is supplied with a large range of multi use accessories .
Manufacture in high grade stainless steel. This is a BBQ built for a lifetime’s use, whether its built in or used free standing, this is a BBQ you can be proud of.

915L x 380W x 200H  (approx)

1 Small Portable BBQ
1 Horizontal worm drive
1 Worm gear motor
2 Stainless steel Spit rods
Locking Castors on all wheels
10 Stainless steel kebab skewers
2 Stainless steel grilling grates
Fire brick set